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Our Founding Members

The Hilton Head (SC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has its origins in an Interest Group called the Magnolias of Hilton Head. The initial vision for organizing the Magnolias evolved during a luncheon on July 21, 2014 when South Carolina residents Jan Billingslea, Dr. Marcy D. Johnson, Anita Miles, and Joyce Patterson were attending a national conference with their husbands in Boston, Massachusetts. They discussed exploring the possibility of organizing an Interest Group of The Links, Incorporated. Following their initial discussion, they engaged in conversations with a national officer and several members of The Links, Incorporated, who encouraged them to pursue their goal of chartering a Links Chapter in Hilton Head and the surrounding area.

They returned to South Carolina filled with inspiration, determination, and a desire to organize a group of accomplished women interested in becoming friends first and providing service to others. They conducted a feasibility study to determine whether there were any former or active Links in the area interested in establishing a chapter.

The initial meeting was held on October 15, 2014 and resulted in the organization of the Magnolias of Hilton Head and the election of officers. On December 6, 2014, twenty-nine women with a common purpose of developing friendships and providing service were chartered as members of the Magnolias during a meeting at the Belfair Country Club in Bluffton, South Carolina. The Magnolias continued to organize and grew a membership with women from the South Carolina counties of Beaufort, Hampton, and Jasper and the neighboring Georgia county of Chatham. The Magnolias came together as women of integrity, high achievement and deep commitment to the betterment of their communities. They were dedicated to three principles: excellence, elegance, and ethics. Their mission was to promote friendship and to enrich lives through community service.

An Inquiry Letter dated April 8, 2015, was written to The Links, Incorporated to express an interest in establishing a new Links Chapter in the Low Country. The Magnolias of Hilton Head received Interest Group Status on March 24, 2017. After much anticipation and hard work, Chapter-Elect Status was granted on October 4, 2017. Finally, on November 4, 2017, the Hilton Head (SC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was chartered as the 284th Chapter of The Links, Incorporated and the 80th Chapter of Southern Area. With diverse professions and passions, the members of the Hilton Head (SC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated have devoted countless hours to serving the community and to always strengthening the bond of friendship. In all the chapter’s activities, the members strive to embody the tenacious and giving spirit of the Low Country.

Dr. Marcelite (Marcy) Dingle Johnson
Janice (Jan) A. Billingslea
Anita Noble Miles
Joyce Patterson