Our Recent Transfers

Link Linda D. Gaines

Link Linda is a transfer rom the Kent Area (OH) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, where she was inducted in May 2017.

Link Linda and her Connecting Link, moved to Hilton Head to be closer to family that reside in Atlanta.
Link Virginia Law

Link Virginia is a transfer from the Central Missouri Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, where she was inducted in April of 2016.

She has two daughters, one of them being Link Laura Singleton Fogleman from our very own chapter.
Link Anna Ponder 

Link Anna is a transfer from the Greater New York Chapter of The Links, Incorporated.  She has been a Link since May 2005.

Link Anna is quite the cinephile.  When she was the Executive Director of the Tribeca Film Institute in NYC, she had to look at 300+ movies per year. 

Celebrating the Holidays During the Pandemic

Link Sisters Tara Morris, Marcella Palmer, Marva Neal, and Darcel Werts shared some of their holiday photos. 

Link Lashone’s (Keisha) mission is to help young ladies to recognize that true beauty radiates from within. She is the creator and the facilitator of “More Than a Pretty Face” workshops and empowerment sessions for young ladies in the city of Savannah. www.dreamspirebooks.com

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